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Holistic Therapy Halifax

Elixir Beauty are pleased to offer a range of Holisitc Therapies in Halifax. Some of our most popular treatments include a Holistic Massage and Reiki Healing.

holistic therapy halifax

Lynne Ratcliffe is our Holistic Therapist here at Elixir Beauty salon. She offers a range of de-stressing treatments and provides bespoke treatments to suit individual clients needs. You will feel nurtured, peaceful and at ease. Lynne also teaches meditation.

  • Holistic Massage 1hour £38.00
  • Holistic Massage 30mins £25.00

A therapeutic whole-body massage releasing the stresses and tensions of life, leaving the client emotionally, physically and mentally uplifted. They will feel well-balanced and totally relaxed.

  • Massage combination 45mins £30.00

Treat yourself to the ultimate in pampering with a combination of back, neck & shoulder massage finishing with a relaxing facial massage.

  • Indian Head Massage 45mins £30.00

This is a relaxing therapy involving massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. The client remains fully clothed and seated in an ordinary chair. The treatment is finished with a massage on the face and scalp whilst relaxing on the therapy couch.

  • Reiki Healing 1hour £38.00

A most wonderful system of natural healing involving a simple and gentle transfer of energy which can enhance the body’s ability to heal its own physical and emotional disorders balancing the mind, body and spirit.

  • Metamorphic Technique 1hour £38.00

A gentle touch to the feet, hands and head. This safe, pleasant and relaxing treatment is a catalyst for change enabling a person to activate his or her own healing process. It is a simple approach to self-healing and creative development bringing transformation at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, activating an improved lifestyle.

  • Rejuvanessence Therapy 1hour £38.00

Sometimes called the angels touch, a gentle precise therapeutic massage bringing the lightest touch to the face, neck, skull and shoulders to soothe away the ravages of time. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the jaw line firms and skin tone improves. It softens and lifts the face, revitalises body and spirit.

Rejuvanessence works on the premise that if we feel good we look good, by working on the meridian lines to clear the emotions and stresses that are stored in the body and shown on the face.

Rejuvanessence creates a younger healthier, happier appearance. This treatment is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as no products are used.

A course of Rejuvanessence treatment comprises of six separate and different sessions of one hour, each working on the various groups of connective tissues and muscles. This safe and loving treatment is a pleasure to give and a joy to receive.